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  1. Although Harry Houdini disliked the many imitators who cropped up all over the world to imitate the Harry HoudiniChallenge Escape Act, that he invented, Harry Houdini allowed his brother Hardeen to do basically the same show. A fantastic sign of family loyality and love. Although Harry Houdini loved magic and his fellow magicians Harry Houdini was furious at those who copied him. Harry Houdini would challenge them, sue them and embarass them to protect his turf. Yet Harry Houdini loved his fellow magicians. Harry Houdini left a large sum of money in his will for the Society of American Magicians and even had the crest of the Society of American Magicians on his huge place of burial. Harry Houdini was the president of the Society of American Magicians for ten years until he died. Harry Houdini encouraged magicians all over the world to join the Society of American Magicians and Harry Houdini was in many ways responsible for its world wide growth. In addition, everywhere Harry Houdini traveled he would seek out the graves of past well known magicians and pay for the upkeep and repair of the grave sites. Harry Houdini amassed the largest collection of memoribilia, books and posters about the history of theater, in addition to magic ever, amassed by an individual, and Harry Houdini gave the priceless collection to the Library of Congress, so the history of magic would be preserved. Harry Houdini’s name lives on partly because of his tremendous gifts back to the society that embraced him. Collectors and magicians generally horde and hide their artifacts and sell them for profit, not so the great Harry Houdini.

  2. The Society of Young Magicians (SYM) is an organization devoted to assisting magicians, age seven through seventeen years. The Society of Young Magicians has clubs, known as “assemblies” located throughout the world; these assemblies are commonly jointly associated with an adult SAM assembly. When a member turns 18, they graduate to full membership in the Society of American Magicians.

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